Multi-Utility Services Provider

Connecting utilities for industrial developments is a time-consuming and complicated task. Getting your head around and coordinating so many different parties and connection points can be a nightmare. The process is not only costly, but also infuriating because similar steps must be repeated over and over. To overcome this, you can use a multi-utility services company like Phoenix Utilities, which will reduce the burden and eliminate the complications by providing a full service from start to finish.

What is a Multi-Utility Company?

A multi-utility services provider acts as an Independent Connection Provider (ICP), providing you with an all-inclusive solution including gas, electricity, and water services.

Using the services of a single business to work on your new or existing utilities infrastructure will almost always make this phase of your project go much more smoothly. As a result, the planning and execution of any corrective work on the project will not need several utility providers aligning their schedules and plans in co-operate.

Furthermore, it saves you time and money by using a multi-utility company as they can source all the relevant materials and complete the work. Rather than having conflicting schedules across several companies.

At Phoenix Utilities, we specialise in the full design and construction of electrical LV + HV, gas and water networks provide an ‘exemplary’ service. We have over 100 years’ experience throughout all areas of our business and can offer competitive and alternative solutions to your project. We also offer installation of mains and services both in the private and public sectors across the UK.

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