Why you should use a multi-utility service provider.

You may be tempted to select separate contractors for various utilities, especially if you feel loyal to a certain supplier or believe it’s the best way to negotiate a better deal. However there are many benefits to using the one multi-utility company.


Multi-utility firms can link in the same trench, lowering onsite expenses. In addition, several stages of the, including design and planning, may be expedited.


Time is money! Having a central point of contact will aid in the speedy identification and implementation of solutions, leading to works being carried out within the required time frame.

Environmental Impact

One team working and planning together for the optimal course of action will help reduce unnecessary damage to the environment


When you use a single company for several services, you benefit from their vast knowledge in resolving any problems that may come up. Working in many sectors, a seasoned business will have run into similar issues before and can therefore advise you on the best course of action.

At Phoenix Utilities Ltd, we provide a range of Civils, Gas, Electric and Water design. We have over 100 years’ experience throughout all areas of our business and can offer competitive and alternative solutions to your project.

We also offer installation of mains and services both in the private and public sectors across the UK. For any enquiries please get in touch.